Systems of Linear Equations

Solving Systems of Linear Equations is a very practical skill. There is very little theoretical background needed. This is the reason, this course is built on examples.

There is a chance that you have some understanding of Systems of Linear Equations. You may know how to solve such systems in some way or another. Still you will benefit from this Course.

In this Course, every example shows a structural solution to System of Linear Equations. Every solution shows in full detail each stage of the solution. Every solution is vectorised at the end. Gaussian Elimination, Backsubstitution , Vectorisation are clearly visible and commented in full detail.

Method of solving of Systems of Linear Equations using Gaussian Elimination is the foundation of many results in Linear Algebra. Many theorems regarding Linear independence, Span and Spanning subsets, Basis cannot exist_ without Gaussian Elimination.

The examples in this course are carefully selected to build difficulty from easy to hard. The examples are also selected to present every possible type of answer. Each type of answer is carefully explained. No solution, Unique solution, Multiple parametrised solution --- you will be able to test your ability to solve each such type of system of linear equations.

Once, you finish this course, you will perfect your understanding of Systems of Linear Equations and its method of solution.

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