How to Use this Course

Start from easy and progress to hard

Examples are ranked from easy to hard! We recommend you start with Example 1 and work through all the way to Example 8.

easy to hard

Try to solve each Example by yourself

For each Example, open Question section first. If you have an idea how to solve it, then go ahead and solve it. Once you found the solution, you can match it with the correct answer in Correct Answer section.

correct answer

If you don't know how to solve the question, then progress directly to Complete Written Solution or to Complete Video Solution sections.

Once you learned the solution, attempt the next Example by yourself first.

Make sure that your answer is correct

Make absolutely sure that you answer is exactly the same as the answer published in Correct Answer section. In case, you see even minor difference, make sure you find out what went wrong with your solution. Use Complete Written Solution and Complete Video Solution section to find out gaps in your thinking.

written and video solutions

You learn tenfold when you fix your own mistakes

Every time your answer and/or your working is not exactly the same as ours, you have a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge.

You learn tenfold when you find gaps in your thinking.

Use wisely every such opportunity: identify the steps where you went wrong; analyse why mistake occurred. If unsure, ask questions!

Always ask!

If you feel there is something is missing, if you feel that you have gaps, ask questions!

comments and feedback

Use comments to ask about the course; about particular example; or about a particular part of the example. You can ask questions anonymously. Simply sign out and your comment will be anonymous.

Alternatively, you can send us a direct email using Contact Us button.